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Oct 09

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

Jobs , Writing & Blogging

Print is dying, novels don’t sell, and unless you’re Aaron Sorkin, screenwriting is out of the question. With a collapsing creative economy and increasing competition, it may seem like a career as a freelance writer will lead to nothing but disappointment. However, with the industry in a state of chaos, the very thing that’s putting […]

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Apr 09

Virtual Assistants- Everything You Need to Know

Jobs , Technology

If you’ve spent any time reading about online entrepreneurship, you’ve undoubtedly come across a myriad of references to Virtual Assistants (VA’s). You’ve read about how great they are, and you’ve seen claims like … “Forget slaving away every day, all you need to do is hire a Virtual Assistant! You’ll soon be making a million dollars every […]

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