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Oct 09

Getting Started as a Freelance Writer

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Print is dying, novels don’t sell, and unless you’re Aaron Sorkin, screenwriting is out of the question. With a collapsing creative economy and increasing competition, it may seem like a career as a freelance writer will lead to nothing but disappointment. However, with the industry in a state of chaos, the very thing that’s putting […]

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May 22

Blogging for Beginners- Taking the Long View

Writing & Blogging

It’s hard out here for a blogger! The internet is a cut-throat environment, survival of the fittest is the name of the game. Persnickety readers are lurking behind every Publish button, waiting to chastise you for every little mistake you make…. Your competition is watching you (even though they won’t admit it) waiting for an opportunity to point […]

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May 11

Killer Content- How to Blog Like a Boss

Writing & Blogging

When I first started writing, it didn’t come naturally to me at all. More times than I care to admit… I’ve spent hours grinding out half a page of garbage only to trash it in frustration. I’ve stared at the evil blinking line for an eternity, with a sense of impending doom building in my gut. […]

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