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An interactive guide to understanding your customer

You’ll complete this course with an understanding of exactly who your customers are so that you can design your product, site, CTAs, and ads just for them. We take you through exercises that allow you to create your customer persona, identify your customer’s active problems and teach you to use tools to determine where your audience is online and what it is they’re searching for.

Most importantly we give you tools and techniques to test your assumptions about what your customer needs, all while collecting valuable data and building your email list.

Where she's from to where's she's going: you need to understand the politics, personal life and work goals of your persona so that you can write like you're writing to her and design your website so that she'll click.


Understanding the levels of problems that face your customer is of vital importance. So too is understanding what influences their decision making. That's what we cover here.


Using tools and research techniques, you'll figure out where your audience is hiding online and what it is that's troubling them so. Armed with this knowledge, you're on your way to becoming the answer to their problems.


Think about a blog you love to read. The writing pulls you in and carries you on a journey. It's familiar and exciting from the opening paragraph. The constant among all successful writers is clear: They’ve found their voice.


The process of writing can be extremely stressful and time-consuming, especially if you don’t do it regularly. But if you're trying to start or grow your blog or business, it's a necessity.