Why CopyEffect?


We're saving the internet.


Hi! I'm Josh Harris, Founder of CopyEffect.

If you're a writer, blogger, content marketer, copywriter, or entrepreneur chances are you've run into the same roadblock many do on the path to build your brand, grow your audience.

Balancing your time between learning how to do new things and putting them into action.

You need to best advice out there when you need it, not when you can find it.

But theres a problem:​

The Internet is crowded. There's too much "content". 

How can you tell the good from the garbage? What advice should you act on, and what advice is simply a waste of time?

Our mission is to solve that problem.

We've created a system that allows you to learn exactly what you need to know in a clear and actionable way. Instead of pumping out article after article and expecting you to sift though the muck to find the important details we get the best, most relevant information available and package it up in bite sized chunks. 

No more analysis paralysis. No more sifting through countless articles just to find that the steps they've outlined are outdated. No more wasting time digging around for topics to write about or finding out after the fact that your audience isn't interested in the article you worked so hard on. You don't have time for all of that.

Our system allows you to make progress every day, by putting in however much time you can spare.

We've built tools that take you through the process of everything from writing the perfect article to doubling your traffic through outreach. Our guides cut through the clutter and deliver solid, actionable answers to questions like:

"How can I stand out from the crowd and convince people to listen to me?

"How can I increase my sales and grow my customer base?"

"How can I be more persuasive?"

"How can I write headlines that draw people in?"

And many more. The best part? Our guides are completely free.

Proven Tactics for Your Business

Life is busy. Finding the time to gain the skills necessary to build or grow a business is tough.

Maybe you're already running a business.... or working a full-time job.... or raising a family. What are your options?

Option 1 - Read hundreds of books. Dig through countless boring research papers. Waste time trying strategies from "experts" as you sift through site after site.  Spend untold amounts of your own time and money testing what works and what doesn't.


Option 2 - Subscribe to the FREE CopyEffect Newsletter and get...

> Our FREE in house tools that break down the processes of writing, blogging, outreach, increasing traffic, and much more.

> Time tested and proven word-for-word scripts, formulas, and frameworks.

> Access to proven copywriting and content marketing strategies that we only share with our inner circle.

The internet is crowded. There's plenty of "content", but how do you know what's good and what's garbage?

We've created a set of interactive tools that can help you do things like 'write an article' or 'create magnetic headlines'. Best part? They're free. And we're adding more of them every day.


Unlike so many “experts” in the online business community, we’re not about taking shortcuts and chasing fast cash. We're here to serve people who want to build rock-solid online businesses that stand the test of time. 

Content IS king. We have entered a new era in the world of online business. Content quality matters, now more than ever, and if you want to stay competitive and relevant in this fast-paced game you’ve got to know what works, and what doesn’t.

That's where we come in, we're here to educate and inspire. We stay on the cutting edge of content marketing, so that you don't have to.

We have A LOT of fun here, but we take our job of providing you with great content and opportunities very seriously. We are a tight knit community, and we look out for one-another.

Learn. Build. Grow.

The WHY.

Because we believe that the success of one is the success of all. If we can make the world just a tiny bit better by helping people lead happier and more fulfilling lives then that's a pretty good deal.

We could stop there, but we believe it's bigger than that. What if those people in turn help other people? And those people pass it on as well? Well then we've got a movement on our hands. A snowball of betterness, if you will.

The internet has made it possible for nearly anyone with motivation and willingness to build a business and makes their dreams a reality. If you haven't yet experienced the joy that comes from sharing something that you're passionate about with the world, now is the time!

The world needs you to share your passion, your insights, and your knowledge. Now, more than ever, we are truly all connected. We can build each other up, or tear each other apart. Let's build each other up!

We love entrepreneurs. They make the world a better place. What will you build?

What You'll Learn From US...

How to become a better writer/blogger. Content IS king. We'll show you how to improve your writing skills and develop meaningful connections with your readers

How to have an income from anywhere in the world. From idea generation to finished product, we'll teach you how to build a business that supports the lifestyle you choose.

Amazing connections. As the saying goes, "It's not what you know, but who you know!" You'll get access to our amazing community of writers and entrepreneurs in our private Facebook group, along with plenty of opportunities for networking both online and at CopyEffect events.

FREEDOM. Want to spend more time with your family? Want to share your passion with the world? Want to become a better writer? Want to race camels between the pyramids in Egypt?  How about all of the above while still earning an income from your online business? We can show you how.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Live the life you've imagined."


Join our community and get started today!

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