The Top 6 About Page Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Jul 27

Contrary to popular belief, the about page is one of the most important pages on any site.

Although most people give more emphasis to the homepage and contact us pages, the about page is equally if not more important since its the only onsite opportunity website owners get to introduce themselves officially and share their story. Considering website visitors click on the about page when they really want to know about the website owners and their teams, it’s crucial to get the about page right. To help you get everything right from the start, below are top 6 mistakes people make with their about page and how to avoid them.

1. Thinking the About Page is About You

This common and critical mistake is somewhat understandable since the term ''About Us'' commonly used for the about page suggests that you talk about yourself. Although there is some truth in that, the about page has very little to do with you as the website owner and everything to do with your website visitors.

You should therefore avoid talking too much about yourself and instead focus on how you can solve the problems of your website visitors since that’s what they want to hear. Your website visitors also want to hear how you can help them out and why it’s a good idea to continue exploring your website.

In a nutshell, you should talk about what your website visitors would be interested in. Although the page gives you an opportunity to talk about yourself, you should do so with your site visitors in mind, i.e. how the information benefits them.

The trick here is to make yourself likable. And you can’t do that bragging about your accomplishments without stating how that helps your website visitors. The best way to get business is to demonstrate you care deeply about your potential customers. Don’t forget how you intend to make your potential customers, happier, richer and/or more productive.

2. Including too Much Information

This mistake is also among the most common about page mistakes. As much as you may want to share every single detail about your team, company history, etc., there is a limit to how much you can write. Or rather, how much people will read.

Keeping the about page brief and concise is important since it ensures you maintain your readers attention.

You should chop and polish your about page until your value proposition is clear. Remove unnecessary words to ensure your website visitors get exactly what you are offering at a glance. You should only include what your potential customers would be interested in, directly or indirectly. You should always remember the fact that long stories have a higher chance of being boring so keep it brief, interesting and relevant to your potential clients.

3. Failing to Include Pictures

Pictures are a straight-up must. No pics? You look like a scam. You may not find it fun to post your pictures online since it makes them easily accessible to millions of strangers globally, but research has proven that you are more likely to be hired or referred online when you put a real picture of yourself on your site.

This can be attributed to the fact that people tend to relate more to pictures. Strangers are more likely to feel comfortable dealing with you if they see your picture since it gives them a sense of who you are in person.

Although you can connect with your site visitors in writing only, your picture will take things to the next level. You should however remember to choose a high quality picture that you use in many other platforms online to create credibility.

4. Too Much Marketing

There is nothing wrong with telling your clients that you are passionate about your business or stating why you are better than your competitors. Problems arise when you overdo it because your potential clients end up thinking they have heard it before.

Selling yourself too much is also taken to mean that you probably aren’t that good and  are just looking to make a quick sale like everyone else. If you want to stay believable and sincere, you must avoid marketing yourself too much on your about us page.

5. Creating Boring Content

Let’s face it. Most about us pages are boring. There are very many reasons behind this so let’s try to break it down. As mentioned above, a long about page has a higher chance of being boring. It’s important to note that you aren’t supposed to include your entire company history on your about us page. You should do that in your blog otherwise your potential clients will get bored and lose interest.

You should also use 1st person narration to make your about page more personal and catchy. When you write in 3rd person, you tend to lose touch. Your speech also sounds stilted. Furthermore, your website visitors don’t expect you to talk about your business and how you can help them in 3rd person. You should also think about your target audience to have an idea of how you can make your about page interesting.

6. Failing to Include Credibility Elements

Substantiate your claims! Otherwise they will be dismissed as mere marketing. Remember, anyone can claim to be the best but very few people can prove it. When people look at your about page, they essentially look for reasons to begin trusting you. It’s therefore important to seize this opportunity and use it to offer concrete reasons why you should be trusted. The best way to do this is to substantiate every claim you make.

If you claim to have a long list of impressive clients, list them and don’t lie! You should do some research beforehand to know which clients you can link to. You should also get real testimonials to increase your credibility. You also need credibility elements like social proof which is a very powerful motivator today.


From the above information, you shouldn’t have a problem identifying and avoiding the most common about page mistakes people make. Keep in mind there are plenty more ways to screw up an about page- so be sure to use this article as a basis for further research.

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